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Funkhaus Berlin. August 19-21. About · Program · Speakers · Photos · Berlin 2018 · Contact. Luis Cuende. CEO - Aragon One. Imprint.

Time is our most scarce resource.Yet we lose a lot of it, or we invest it into tasks that are not the highest leverage. Luis Cuende: Obviously, when we were making decisions in 2016, it was a few months after the DAO hack. So, one thing we wanted to take seriously was security. So, today, in DeFi, you can see the protocols have a hundred million dollars in asset management in an hour without audits. Jan 13, 2021 · [Story was updated at 2:58pm EST] The Aragon community is facing mass resignations and nobody in the leadership team is being forthright as to what exactly is driving the exodus. The latest high-profile resignation was from Jorge Izquierdo, chief executive of Aragon One, the for-profit entity building tools and apps on the Aragon protocol.

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The celebrated hacker is harnessing bitcoin blockchain technology to authenticate online documents, emails and contracts. His start-up Stampery acts as a digital notary to bind The latest tweets from @licuende About Luis Miguel Cuende - Professional and Personal Information Luis Cuende Oct 9, 2020 As things stand, only the most liquid, hyperconnected protocols will be able to thrive on Ethereum. That's why many protocols are heading to the "suburbs." 7/23/2018 Profile Products and Services BBC English Mobile LA SILLA ELÉCTRICA BLOG "PRISIONEROS DEL DISPARATE" Luis is a hacker and free culture lover who founded various startups since he got involved in free software development at age 12. Cuende was awarded as the best hacker of Europe under 18 at age 15. Cuende was also an Advisor to the Vice-president of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes, who is in charge of the EU’s Digital Agenda.


Why? Market timing. En sus casi 23 años de vida, a Luis Iván Cuende (Oviedo, 1995) le ha dado tiempo a fundar aplicaciones y lanzar start-ups con las que ha ganado mucho dinero, a publicar un libro y a ser elegido como el mejor programador de Europa, entre otras muchas cosas.. La historia de Luis Iván Cuende … Featured Application Announcing tBTC: The first “killer app” built using the Keep Network. tBTC lets Bitcoin holders deposit and redeem BTC in DeFi without centralized intermediaries 1/21/2021 1/13/2021 1/23/2021 5/29/2020 Luis Iván Cuende Aragon & Aragon One Planet Earth Chat with li Start a chat Your conversation will be end-to-end encrypted.

Luis cuende

Dec 22, 2017 · Luis Cuende. Follow. Cofounder @AragonProject, CEO of Aragon One. Advisor to a few crypto projects that awake my curiosity. @Forbes 30u30. @MIT TR35. Follow. Keep

luisivan has 51 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. 4/21/2017 Luis Cuende: Basically when you enter a social contract, you are agreeing to give away some of your freedom so you are let into society and allowed to benefit from the good things it can offer.

Luis cuende

CEO - Aragon One. Imprint. Asturix es una asociación​ dedicada al desarrollo de software libre y a la difusión del emprendimiento joven. Fue creada por Luis Iván Cuende y actualmente  Luis Ivan Cuende Luis Iván Cuende y Alberto Elías tienen 16 años. A pesar de su juventud ya han montado… © Revista Transformación Digital 2021 |. Luis Iván Cuende (born November 26, 1995) is a Spanish computer programmer, author, and blockchain entrepreneur.

Cuende began dabbling in open source code to build an operating system when he was just 12 years old. Luis Cuende, co-founder and Project Lead at Aragon in Barcelona, commenting in the run up to the token sale said: “After the dot-com revolution and the rise of cloud computing, a new type of The latest Tweets from Luis Cuende (@licuende). Co-founder @AragonProject. Crypto = tools for human liberation.

Te damos información detallada de sus obras y te decimos donde comprarlas. 30-LUIS IVAN CUENDE 380X215. Compartir. Compartir. TE PUEDE INTERESAR.

Luis cuende

That's why many protocols are heading to the "suburbs." tech advisor. I offer a wide range of skills and experience gained over years of work and constant study in multinational, organizations, startups,etc. always evolving, always up to date having the vision of the future. Luis Cuende is the co-founder and Project Lead of Aragon, a project for disintermediating the creation and maintenance of companies and other organizational structures. Information on investments, active portfolio, exits, fund performance, dry powder, team and co-investors for Luis Cuende. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full profile.

His start-up Stampery acts as a digital notary to bind and Free thoughts by Luis Cuende. The sorry state of crypto UX. If we think mainstream users are going to use any of this, we have drunk too much kool aid. Read writing from Luis Cuende on Medium. Cofounder @AragonProject, CEO of Aragon One. Advisor to a few crypto projects that awake my curiosity. @Forbes 30u30.

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Disinformation via fake news is here to stay. People don’t know who to believe anymore. Decision making based on fake news may not be a big deal for low-stake scenarios, but when human life is on the line, it is.

jakethepanda Hi @luis_aragon. luis_aragon Hey @jakethepanda !. dr10 Hey :wink:. mward hello. jakethepanda Hi All. Let's welcome Luis Cuende from Aragon.:clapping: jakethepanda And Jorge.. jorge_aragon hi!!. luis_aragon We're pumped to be doing an AMA here!.